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Isobel Scott Hypnotherapy Testimonials

"Since seeing you I have noticed a rise in confidence ........, a quiet assured confidence that everything is alright with the world " DL, Oxford

"Thank you for all your coaching. You have been a great help. I have made progress that I would never have made on my own." CB, Berkhampstead

"I noticed a huge difference after visiting you on 2 occasions , my fear (of flying) was practically reduced to zero! " KG London

"I've never had hypnotherapy before but my fear of flying was interfering so much with my love of adventure and need for business travel that I had to give it a go, and I'm so glad I did. Isobel has magically removed any negative thoughts, anxiety and fear so I now look forward to travelling and feel excited about my journey. I can't recommend her highly enough - seeing her is so relaxing and therapeutic and the results are truly amazing." VR Peckham

"Thanks for all you help and support .. I am feeling like a new woman today and am smiling, I am now feeling less anxious about everything, I am sure each day will get better and better... thanks so much you are a great therapist" SW Bushey

"Isobel provides a very reliable and professional service with utmost discretions, a core principle in establishing a sound foundation of trust. Isobel took time to understand me as an individual and helped me to navigate unravelling the events in my life which had made an unconscious impact in holding me back in so many ways. She then worked with me to tackle these one by one so that I could move forward and begin to grow both in confidence and with a renewed and empowered self esteem.

Isobel takes pride in the service she provides and realises how important and life changing this can be. As such she will always be happy to chat with potential client first over the phone in order to get an initial insight into their needs. I found this particularly reassuring before I made the step to book an appointment." RW St Albans

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