Trichotillomania Treatment

A condition defined as when a person has a compulsive need to pull out their hair. This can be head hair, eyelashes, eyebrows or any other area on the body where there is hair. It is considered an impulse control disorder, a psychological condition where the sufferer feels unable to control their behaviour experiencing intense urges to pull out their hair, often arising from a tension or anxiety which builds and is only relieved by hair pulling. 

It can be as a response to a stressful situation and can develop into an unconscious habit. It can be caused by stress or anxiety or may be a way of self harming, there may also be a link with OCD. 

Having Trichotillomania can lead to psychological symptoms such as negative feelings of shame, guilt or embarrassment. Sufferers can feel unattractive as a result and have low self esteem. Many people will try to deny the condition or cover it up. 

Trichotillomania Help 

Does any of the above sound like you? Using cognitive hypnotherapy we can tackle the issue together with a combined approach of dealing with both the causes and the symptoms. By dealing with the root cause(s) of the issue the behavior stops and this will naturally lead to a cessation of the symptoms. 

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