Hypnotherapy Treatment For Depression

Some people say they are depressed when in fact they are just feeling a bit low or fed up as a reaction to something disappointing or upsetting.

True depression means you have a low mood and several other symptoms such as; tiredness, change in appetite, disrupted sleep patterns, poor concentration, agitation or slowness of movements, feelings of worthlessness or recurrent thoughts of and a preoccupation with death, each day for at least two weeks. Isobel Scott Hypnotherapy can offer hypnotherapy treatment for depression.

Symptoms can also become severe enough to interfere with normal day-to-day activities. If you think you are depressed please consult your GP for a diagnosis and to eliminate any underlying physical conditions that can mimic depression - an under active thyroid for example.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Where does Cognitive Hypnotherapy come in? Talking therapies have been found to be effective in treating depression. With this type of help you can identify any harmful or unhelpful ideas or thoughts which you have that can make you feel depressed. 

We can then work together to change your way of thinking eliminating these unhelpful thoughts and ideas and replace them with more helpful and positive ones. As a result we can bring about behavioural changes allowing you to move forward in a way of your choice to start creating a more positive future. 

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